Dawn Makes It To Ceres – Photos

NASA’s probe Dawn is approaching to Ceres. The JPL NASA team is directing the Dawn space probe to the asteroid belt [dwarf] planet Ceres. JPL released the following picture Dawn took at 383, 000 km as the probe gets close to Ceres.

Dawn Makes It To Ceres
Ceres, JPL – NASA


The JPL team said they expect to place Dawn into Ceres orbit around March 6, 2015.

Ceres is in orbit around the sun at the asteoid belt. Dawn is the first space probe launched to study Ceres.


The following animated GIF image shows the rotation of Ceres.

Ceres - animated, JPL - NASA
Ceres – animated, JPL – NASA


 Ceres, A Game Changer – Video

Source: JPL – NASA